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Fleet safety protects the bottom line

Read our white paper to discover strategies to make your fleet safer, more productive, and more cost efficient.

Some companies view transportation as a cost center. However, there are opportunities for fleet managers to elevate their departments and "take their seat" among the business leaders of their organizations.

After all, drivers can be the heart of a company's customer service. Download the white paper to discover strategies to make your fleet stronger, safer, and more productive.

Why Choose RED KAP?

  • Durable workwear that helps keep teams safe, comfortable, and looking great
  • Nearly 100 years of craftsmanship experience
  • Innovative, quality uniform solutions that work as hard a you do
  • Trusted network of distributors

Durable workwear that Delivers

  • Elevated Image
    Elevated Image


  • On-The-Job Safety
    On-The-Job Safety


  • Increased Performance
    Increased Performance